grab one of the birds. But unfortunately for ▓the cat his prey got away. The extraordinary perfor▓mance was captured by phot

ographer Jay License

n a new look through ▓the successful adaptation by artists at t▓he Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre. Now, the award-winning piece is being staged in Beijing this weekend t▓o celebrate the 60th anniver


sary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Our reporter Zhang Song was on hand during a per▓formance at the Meilanfang Grand Theatre on Friday night. It's one of the most successful adaptations of the Peking Opera piece. And the story is one of the most uncanny cases associat

ed with China's roy▓al palace. Two of Emperor Zhenzong's con▓cubines were pregnant at the same time. The first son born was to become the prince. Concubine Liu e▓xchanges a leopard cat for the baby of Concubine Li and orders her maid to throw the baby into the riv▓er.Unlike the traditional way of telling the story, the▓ new version delivers the plot through two small figures wh▓o've never been under the spotlight before: the e▓unuch, Chen Lin, and the maid, Kou Zhu. They are the true hero

es who saved the life of the baby and protec

cee Rousse technology

ted him▓ until they sacrifice their lives. The award-winning piece ▓has been on the stage for 15 years since it was first adapted in 1994. Over the centuries, silk has become a C▓hinese symbol, and


is often used as a gift to send to a foreigner, especially a hand-painted silk piece. We▓ll, there's a particular Beijing resident that knows all about this. Xu Qing has been painting on silk▓ for nearly thirty years. And her skill ▓has been listed as an intangible heritage of Chongwen d▓istrict. Next we meet this artist who creates beauty on the beautiful material silk. In Chongwen d▓istrict in east Beijing, there is a workshop called "Bai Gong Fang", which literarily means "workshop with a hundred kinds of handic▓rafts." Xu Qing is one of the signed artist here. She and her husband, a guard artifacts maker, work together in a

studio within the workshop. He▓r silk works are displayed and sold here, and she also does▓ demonstrations. Xu Qing's silk painting attracted▓ crowds during the Beijing Olympic Games, including▓ the wife of International Olympic Committee President J▓acques Rogge. Xu painted a scarf for her and put it around▓ the madam's neck. Silk scarves are Xu Qing's main type o▓f work. The drawings on the scarves present Xu's mature skill in Chinese brushwork. The Chinese ▓roses on the scarves come in v

arious colors ▓and hues, and each piece is

unique. The originality and individuality may explain why Xu's scarves are bought and collected by

t the story's ol

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d ▓suspense h

many people, some of▓ whom frequent Xu's studio and become her ▓fans. Xu Qing, Silk Painter, said, "My skill satisfie▓s individuality. The patterned cloth elsewhere are mostly printed, so they are mass produced. I paint the silk using some special dye. Alt▓hough they are all painted by me, I draw each ▓piece following my fee

as taken o

lings. So basically they are all different. No two of them are tota

lly the same." Britain's House of Commons voted on Tuesday

night for a snap general election on Dec

. 12, which is set to send t

he country to go to the polls for the f▓irst time in December in nearly 100 years.British lawmakers say yes to De

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